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Amway: The Most Intelligent Scam Ever?

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Few days back Amway India Chairman and CEO William Pinckney was arrested along with two directors and booked under the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act., while this didn't surprise many but what followed after is quite interesting.

India's corporate Affairs minister Sachin Pilot gave a statement that the government is looking to remove the legal ambiguities to differentiate between fraudulent Ponzi schemes and genuine businesses run by "reputed and law-abiding" entities (referring to Amway).

And Kerala government ordered a probe into the circumstances that led to the arrests.

One reason why the government is so vocal in supporting Amway is because of the investments it is making in India, the foreign money it is bringing to the desperate economy.
As a side note, India is in serious Current Account Deficit (Expected to be around 5% of GDP for 2013) and most of it is balanced by using the foreign investments. So, once the cheap money entering this country stops, things will worsen more. Hence the government want to keep its image clean in the eyes of the foreign investors.

As they have put in their own website, Amway invested around Rs 200 crores ($35 million) and one tenth of it is in the form of FDI (foreign direct investment).
And they have made Rs 2300 crores ($420 million) in sales turnover in 2012 alone.

Amway, like HUL, Avon, Tupperware sells their products directly to consumers. They are members of regulatory body Indian Direct Selling Association. And Amway is the biggest direct selling company in the world.

So everything is great, what's the problem ?
why do we hear no complaints about Avon or Tupperware which also sells their products directly to the consumers like Amway?
Why is it always Amway which is news for all the bad reasons ?
With so many complaints and arrests all over the world, how is this company still sticking around and making millions year after year in more than 100 countries ?
Are Amway Products so great that consumers are behind them , and made Amway a $10 billion company ?

There's only one simple answer for all the above questions :
Amway is so meticulously planned SCAM that it is impossible to prove legally that it is a SCAM!!

But anyone with little bit of common sense can strip their business model and say with no doubt that it is the mother of all intelligent scams. So, let's do it.

Before writing this article, I have attended a session from Amway distributors who claim themselves as intelligent IIM's and IIT's !! (The Indian versions of MIT's and Princeton's)

Amway guys would never tell anyone they pitch that they are Amway distributors.
Why ?
The name Amway is so terribly tarnished over the last 50 years that they can't use it upfront. No body would even listen to them, if they tell that they are Amway guys.

The Amway guy talked for more than 30mins but never used the word AMWAY even once till he reached the end of the presentation.

While I'm not going to reproduce the entire transcript of the presentation, will mention the major lies/sucker punches which concerns us,

Mr IIM started by saying how he was drawing huge salary before he quit his job to pursue his passion, interest : to start his own business, which is now making business with most of the fortune 500 companies !!!

He gave a well rehearsed lecture about recession and how companies are laying off employees, and we should have our own business to tackle it.

LIE No.1: When a consumer purchases a product from retail outlet, he pays the middle men like wholesalers , retailers, their staff salaries, real estate cost, maintenance cost etc. but our business(Amway) removes the middle men , hence customer will get the products at the wholesale price!!

 As they have put in their website, Amway has more than 3 million distributors or middle men, more than any other company. Can you compare this with P&G which made more than $85 billion dollars in sales last year ?

So, when a consumer buys an Amway product or a product marketed by Amway, he pays huge middle men commission, paying insanely more than for the better product available in the retail outlet. According to their own statements, when a product of $100 is sold, more than $40 dollar will be given to the IBO(Independent Business owners or distributors). Can you see the difference ?

LIE No.2: Our products are costly because of their exceptional quality. For example one vitamin tablet of Amway is equal to 4 vitamin tablets of other best companies or One drop of Amway liquid washer is equal to 10 drops of P&G liquid dish washer!!

While I wont say that their products are crap, but it would be an outright lie to say that their products are costly because of their unmatchable quality.

They are over priced because the way Amway works. When someone buys an Amway product from a distributor, part of the money spent will go as commission to all those distributors in his uplink (above him in the chain).
According to Amway, more than 40% of the product cost is pure middle men commission.

So, if this is the case if one buys from a distributor , what if you directly buy online from their website ?
In this case you are not paying any middle men commission, so you should get the products cheaper right ?
If you get the product cheaper directly in their online store who will buy from their distributors ?
So, distributors stop buying their products making huge loss for the products they have already bought.

so what ? who cares about distributors ? A company should concentrate on customer but not on distributors right ?
Wrong again. This is why I said earlier that Amway is an intelligent scam.

If there are no distributors Amway will shut down in months!! talk about $10 billion dollar company creating world class products !!

Here's why...

As a consumer what will u shop online ?
Cell phones, iPod's , cameras, clothes, shoes, drinks, groceries, books what else ?
ok, now checkout Amway Global or Amway India website, do you find anything that you want to buy ? energy drinks ? vitamin tablets ?

If you have, that's great,  now check their prices.

You should be insanely mad, out of your mind, lunatic idiot , screwed psychopathic, bizarrely paranoid person to buy them at their fatuously inflated prices. Well most won't be and will simply come out of their site.

In fact they have added few products with price tag in their website recently, before that there was no option to see their catalogue, only thing was we had to enter reference number of the distributor and click on buy!

They say, they make business with most of the fortune 500 companies, where are their products in the Amway website ? Isn't selling directly from their website to the consumer called direct selling ?

Then how does a distributor sells these products to consumers ?
Here is the catch. Hardly any distributor sells the Amway products to a new genuine consumer.
A distributor buys products for himself and/or will sell products to another distributor under him aka new sucker.

So, unlike P&G or HUL, Amway hardly makes any money(Roughly around 5%) by selling their product to the genuine consumers. 

LIE No.3: We are perfectly legal and not running a Pyramid Scheme.

This is what you'll hear from Amway CEO to bottom level IBO. And this lie is what still keeping them in the business, as it's not possible to prove legally that they are running a Pyramid Scheme.

They say, they are running a perfectly legal MLM (Multi Level Marketing) structure, where one can recruit to sell the products.

Hmm wait, is this really what's going on ?

When you come across an Amway guy, what does he try to convince you ?
Will he ever try to convince you to buy their awesomely high quality products ?

Ok, lets imagine a distributor is very ethical and just try to sell products, he'll pitch people for hours and if he is really good in it, he'll convince lets say one among 20 of them to buy his overpriced products.
He must  pitch say about 35 hours to find one buyer, and he earns 2% commission on it!!!

One must be out of his mind to do it right ?

Yes, this is the reason why you'll not find any Amway distributor trying to sell products, they are just looking for more suckers under them. As they get more IBO's under them, more they'll buy for themselves and more suckers they'll recruit. If one doesn't find anyone under him and keep on buying for himself, he'll keep on loosing money.

Looking at the pyramid more than 90% of the IBO's lose money, which will be promptly shared by the people at the top. Higher you are in the pyramid, more you'll make.

If this is not an illegal pyramid scheme, damn what the hell is a pyramid scheme then?

As they hardy have any genuine consumer, more than 90% of the people involved in this business must lose money for Amway to make profit. If they can't find any sucker, they can't make any money. No new money enters the system. Thankfully for them, as P.T. Barnum once said, “there’s a sucker born every minute”.

Amway announced record sales of $10.9 billion for the year 2012. You must know by now, how much did its distributors lost last year.

If everyone knows this fact, then what's the problem in prosecuting them ?
Because Amway OFFICIALLY doesn't ask their IBO's to do it. Intelligent.

LIE No.4: You are required to work only 6 to 8 hours a week in your spare time, and man you will make millions in 6 months.

 This is just one among many deceptive statements their IBO's make. Let's see some statistics.

According to their own statistics, more than 60% of the IBO's are inactive.
What does it mean? Out of 100, 60 realise after loosing some money that it's a crap and time to move on. If they are making lot of money why would they ever quit?

This is what they say, when you buy the products for the first time, you'll get them for discount (oh you have already started to earn ), you get some people under you lets say 20, they all will get people under them, everyone buys the products, and you make huge money!!!
whoa it's so easy.

Let's believe it for a moment, see what happens,
You'll start to hunt for people, You'll first go to your friends and relatives and say, hey guys I have a wonderful business idea, it's called Amway, we all can make lot of money!!
You can imagine the reaction from them the moment they hear the word Amway !!!

Lets say some wont be knowing it, and finally after making lot of phone calls and meeting so many friends whom you wouldn't not have met for years, lets say you'll able to convince 3 to join you.

Now how to find more ? your upline will preach you not to use the word Amway when pitching others and go to markets, shopping malls, bus stations, railway stations pitch everyone you get to talk to.
Is this what you really want to do in your life?

ok, lets imagine you started to do it,

9 out of 10 persons you pitch will say, not interested, lets say you pitched 50 persons.
you'll give big presentation to those 5 guys, say one gets convinced and join you. It must have taken you at least a month to find one new guy.

Now you slog really heard and find 10 guys in 6 months !!!
Now, 60% of them lose interest and quit in few months.
you'll be left with 4 people under you. And will they be as enthusiastic and talented as you to find more people under him ?
lets say 2 of them are really good and start to find people under them.

Bottom line is you found 2 people under you after slogging for 6 months. 6 to 8 hours of spare time per week for ???
It's a joke.

And how much did you earn ? if those 4 have bought lets say $200 products each, you'll make maximum $5.

All this time if you are buying stuffs for yourself including their CD's , books, tapes and attending their functions, then you are in bigger shit.

Lie No.5: You are not getting more people because you don't have the skills to pitch them, you need to get educated, attend our functions, meetings, buy CD's , books, you'll see wonders in few days.

 When you join Amway , your upline will force you to attend paid functions, meetings, to buy their books, CD's or tapes of Diamonds. In these functions/CD's Diamonds will tell about their lavish life style, how many cars they have, how big is their mansion, how much they earn almost doing nothing, how you can do it by not listening to negative news about Amway and all. A complete brainwash.

While Amway doesn't make money by these tools, people at the top will.

Imagine some IBO succeeded in convincing you to join the scam under him. And you are pretty intelligent and don't want to buy product for yourself. Now that person who recruited you is not making any money from you. If you leave in between without recruiting anyone, it's a waste of effort on his part.

Hmm they are smarter than you. Here's what they'll do,

As soon as you join, they'll tell you to attend these meetings and buy their CD's and tapes. They'll tell that these are not compulsory but are damn necessary to succeed in Amway. They will convince you to buy these tools , so before you leave, they'll make sure you'll lose some.

Only truth they tell is , they made billions even in recession time.
That's true. During recession, layoff's time, it is easy to find gullible people desperate and nervous about their future. No surprises here.

 Here's one such diamond, brainwashing the audience. Observe, as everyone in the audience is a new Amway distributor, they never ask him any questions and listen to all the bullshit he has to say.

 But ultimately, the truth is,

Only 1% of the IBO's will be able to at least recover the money they have spent.
Now you can imagine the odds of you becoming a diamond.

Do you want to involve yourselves with a business which has 99% chances of you loosing your money and 100% chance of loosing your friends and family ?


IDSA, which jumped into the scene as soon as Amway CEO got arrested and put pressure on government to come up with policy changes to give Amway business model a clean chit, has to answer one simple question: Doesn't it know the pyramid scheme Amway is running and how much is it getting from Amway which incidentally is it's biggest member?

Corporate Affairs minister who refers to Amway as "reputed and law-abiding" must be -
  • Ignorant of the sheer number of cases going on against Amway all over the world.
  • Ignorant of the fact that Amway agreed to pay $150 million in 2011 to settle fraud cases against it in US.
  • Ignorant of the fact that Amway paid the largest criminal fine in the history of Canada for tax evasion.
  • Ignorant of the fact that Amway is banned in China from direct selling.
  • Ignorant of the fact that India received $30 billion last year as FDI and counting mere $3.5million from Amway.
  • Ignorant of the fact that of all Amway distributors involved in India, more than 50% are college students who are mind washed to spend their time and energy in loosing their family income ?
Banning Amway distributors from buying products for themselves will not affect India's reputation in the eyes of foreign investors. Every one knows how reputed and law-abiding Amway is.

On a final note,
Amway constantly attacked bloggers and its critics who wrote against it. Sidney Schwartz was one such critic, Amway filed lawsuits against him, threatened, finally made him to shutdown his website. Here are the links to the copy of his site - Amway: The Untold Story and Amway: The Continuing Story.

P.S : If somebody pitches you and tells you that he has a great business Idea and it's Not Amway, it's 100% Quixtar, an online version of Amway. Don't fall for it.

Thanks for reading and thanks Manohar for the audio version.


  1. Wow ... where to start. I suppose if Amway worked remotely the way you think it does, then perhaps you'd be right.

    Of course, it doesn't, so you've wasted an awful lot of words ... and time.

    Flaw No.1: Middlemen. You've misunderstood. Amway allows regular people to become the middleman, skip the retail markup, and potentially earn additional volume discounts.

    Flaw No.2: Amway pays out around 32%, not 40%

    Flaw No.3: "All the upline" are not paid. That's self-evidently absurd. You apparently haven't put much thought in to understanding the business model. FTC vs Amway found that the number of "middlemen" paid through Amway is very similar to traditional distribution. For the vast majority of sales, it's less than 4.

    Flaw no 4. If you buy directly from Amway, the sale and commissions is still credited to the IBO who introduced you, or, in countries where random purchasers are allowed, distributors local to you

    Flaw no 5. I compared several Amway products to well known brands on the market in India and found them competitively priced.

    Flaw no 6. Amway no where says they do business with most Fortune 500 companies. If some individual told you that, they are wrong

    Flaw no 7. There's no genuine customers. Bizarrely, you assume that somebody registering and getting products *cheaper* is somehow suddenly not a "genuine consumer". This makes no sense. If someone likes several Amway products and can them cheaper by registering, wouldn't it make sense for them to register? That aside, in the UK Amway requires people to have 5 confirmed customers before they can sponsor anyone, and doesn't offer discounts simply for registering. Guess what? Tens of thousands of full retail paying customers.

    Flaw no 8. More than 90% lose money - rubbish. This is not supported by statistics. It's based on various false assumptions.

    Flaw no 9. IBOs are left with piles of products they can't sell. Amway has a buyback policy, unsold products can be returned for a refund.

    Flaw no 10. Selling a product earns you 0.02% commission? Huh? (a) Commissions are up to 50%, not 0.02% (b) because the products aren't available elsewhere, you get repurchases. There are people I introduced to Amway products 13 years ago who continue to buy them. Heck, so do I.

    1. "Amway pays out around 32%"
      "Commissions are up to 50%"

      Now what is wrong with those two quotes?

      Still spinning old boy?

      Why no comment on the tools scam?


    3. Why are bloggers such idiots it cracks me up how they have nothing better to do. Get a life Amway is the best opportunity in the world but is a people business and some people are stupid.

    4. Amen John Goertzen. All the commentators most likely have such passion against Amway because they failed themselves and their ego was hit or something. It's human nature but obviously not common sense. Every year there are a couple dozen new diamonds ($250,000) per year. It's is about 1%, but to make this income in a job it's......ONE PERCENT! Would you look at that??!?!?. LOL it's called life. It's hard and always moving forward. If you don't hit your head on the pillow each night exhausted from your day's work, you aren't going anywhere in life and should be absolutely ashamed you have other reading your crap who have a small desire to make something of their life. Go read a book

    5. Excellent article. Very interesting to read. I really love to read such a nice article. Thanks! keep rocking. Make instant

  2. Flaw no 11. If anybody claims you can make millions within a few months, working 6 to 8 hours a week, you should report them to Amway. Frankly I doubt that's what you were told and you are guilty of hyperbole - the same thing you're apparently accusing Amway distributors of.

    Flaw no 12. Many "inactive" distributors were never active. They never did anything, so never tested anything. A large portion of the rest are merely customers getting better pricing - they produce profit for the active IBOs. Despite what you seem to think, that's not a bad thing

    Flaw no 13. Your math on network growth is absurdly wrong. Let's say you sponsor 2 a month (12 after 6 months) and 40% do the same.

    Month 1. 1 Active. 2 new. Total downline 2
    Month 2. 1 Active. 2 new. Total downline 4
    Month 3. 2 Active. 4 new. Total downline 8
    Month 4. 4 Active. 8 new. Total downline 16
    Month 5. 7 Active. 14 new. Total downline 30
    Month 6. 13 Active. 26 new. Total downline 56

    So in your own scenario (the reality is actually different), after 6 months you have 56 people in your organisation and 13 actively building, including yourself. Even if the active people are sponsoring just one, you still end up with a group of 19 and 6 active.

    Flaw no 13. Not even a flaw - an outright lie. There are not cases going on against Amway all over the world

    Flaw no 14. The settlement included the statement it provides no evidence that Amway did anything wrong. Funny how you ignore that part. Indeed, the settlement proved conclusively your claim about "90% lose money" is false.

    Flaw no 15. Amway was fined for tax evasion in Canada, yes. What they were fined for is now legal and normal business practice for multinationals

    Flaw no 16. Another lie. Amway is not banned in China from Direct Selling. *All* direct selling was banned for a short time, Amway was one of the first to receive a licence to reopen.

    Flaw no 17. Any evidence to support your assertion that more than 50% of Amway India distributors are college students? I didn't think so.

    Flaw no 18. Quixtar was changed to Amway years ago. You clearly know very little about what you're talking about

    Flaw no 19. Another lie. Amway constantly attacks bloggers? I wish! Amway sued Schwartz along with Proctor & Gamble, who it was shown was using him to defame Amway. This was more than 15 years ago. Your claim of "constantly" is absurd. One anti-Amway blogger claimed the same thing and even setup a competition to guess when he'll be sued. That was 13 years ago. The competition is still open ....

    It always astounds me how people like yourself write long detailed posts claiming Amway is dishonest - and then publish lies and misinformation all through it!

    Well, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Is it you lying, or have you simply been fed lies by other people and believed them?

    Maybe you should reconsider your sources.

    1. IBOFightback is a well known liar. He will lie and say anything so people will see Amway in a good light. But the facts show otherwise.

  3. This IBOfightback conveniently skips the fact that the business model of Amway was illegal according to the Indian laws. It is not supposed to do business here but they are still doing thanks to the corrupt politicians.

    1. i think you are a broke person and just don't want to work hard to earn money in this mlm business that's why you are saying this but we are proud to be part of amway business and its growing rapidly in india and in coming years it will cross even traditional fmcg company in india as it has in other parts of the world

    2. some people just have to learn the hard way.. sad.

  4. Shrikanth, It has been proved in the Andhra Pradesh High Court that the business model of Amway is illegal. If you want I shall send you the full judgement.

    1. Shyam continues to spread his misinformation. The Andhra Pradesh High Court relied on the testimony of the police, stating that if their allegations where correct Amway was illegal. They cited previous cases pointing out only full hearings could establish the facts and ordered the police to complete their investigation in 6 months.

      That was how many years ago, Shyam?

      In any case, it is clear that the law as it stands is confusing, which is why the government is in the process of changing it.

      The sad thing is that obsessions like Shyam's make it harder for people to avoid real scams, as he insists on just confusing the issue


    3. can u send me the judgement, sir.

  5. Hi Shyam, I appreciate the work you and David doing in educating people from falling to the trap of sweet lies and false dreams of MLM schemes.

    I can understand, those who run pro Amway propaganda, by writing thousands of articles and uploading hundreds of videos on YouTube, falsely showing how good Amway is, won't find any logic in any of the facts.

    keep up the good work you guys doing.

    I request the readers to go through Shyam and David's blogs for detailed information.

    1. Seriously Shrikanth? That's your response to the errors I pointed out in your article?

      Of course, the funny thing is you (falsely) claim Amway harasses and tries to ban anti-Amway bloggers .... and then refer people to two websites that actively ban people if they comment in favour of the company.

      It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad

    2. Well first of all, thanks Ibofightback for analysing every word of this article and continuously tracking all the comments and giving your perspective on the same.

      1. First of all, I don't know whom you are calling as regular men, and I can't find where I have written "Amway doesn't allow regular men to be its distributors" .

      2. Coming to Price, you must have mistakenly compared dollar value of Amway products with rupee value of Indian brands. For instance, 1 litre Amway HomeTM DISH DROPSTM costs 599 Rs, while almost all other major brand's 1L dish drops costs around 150 Rs.

      You may ask your "Indian sources" what dish washer their neighbours use and compare its price, as your source may well be using Amway dishwasher.

      3. When I said buying "directly from their website", I meant without any reference from any distributor. How will any distributor be paid in this scenario ? I thought I wrote it pretty clearly in plain English.

      4. When I said genuine consumer, I meant one who looks for the products for the purpose of actually using it, not for reselling it or to get bonus cheques for buying more.
      And a genuine consumer always looks for good products at low price. You can rephrase the "low price" as "cheap" of course they are when compared to Amway products, but doesn't make them craps.

      5. Once you say commission is 32% and in the next statement you say it's up to 50%. Another Amway distributor(Double diamond) says 42% ( You can see the video).
      Better you guys discuss among yourselves and come up with one number which suits you instead of contradicting yourselves.

      6. There are people using Amway products for more than 13 years ? don't tell me that they didn't recruit any one under them and didn't made even a penny.
      Even if they are genuine consumers, (I hope this time you got who is a genuine consumer) who cares ? I'm using Colgate from the time I started to brush and FYI I'm not getting any bonus cheques from Colgate, I don't expect them either (A genuine consumer).

      7. Coming to the math, I'm left with no doubt that you can do good basic addition and multiplication. I was thinking more practical, you are giving numbers what computer program gives, given an input.
      Both of us know it depends on the individual, how many individual he can pitch. you may say one can get 500 under him in 6 months to support your argument, I may say, one may not get anyone under him to support my argument.
      on what basis can you say it's absurd ?

      8. Amway paid $150 million after proving It did nothing wrong ? I didn't knew Amway is running a charity.
      Why the hell in this world would anyone pay even a penny when they get a clean chit ?
      Hope Amway comes up with some sort of tablets to set right the ill informed minds.

      9. What they were fined for in Canada, is now legal and normal business practice for multinationals.
      Wow..!! While I liked the way you tackled most of my statement, I didn't expect you to make bizarre statement like this.

      Well, let me give you a scenario, Imagine Rape would be made legal after 20 years, which is illegal now FYI. How about a statement from the rapist, who raped now and come out of jail in 20 years and say, Man It is legal and normal now. I was innocent. I went to jail because of political conspiracy !!
      doesn't it sound bizarre ?

    3. 10. Coming to Amway China. Is it a lie that Amway shut down it's direct marketing operations post April 21, 1998 ?
      FYI, the Chinese government labelled multilevel marketers "evil cults, secret societies and superstitious and lawless activities." Wasn't Amway part of the direct selling companies the Chinese government referred to ?

      *All* direct selling was banned for a short time.
      I wont deny it. In fact the short time you are referring to is 3 months. But wasn't Amway part of *All* you are referring to ?

      Man I love giving you examples, lets say, a good mother told her child to stay away from { liers, thieves, gangsters, shit heads }.
      What I said is, "the mother asked her child to stay away from LIERS".
      You rephrased the same thing saying, "the mother asked her to stay away from ALL BAD PEOPLE".

      Did I lie ?
      My article is about Amway and the context demanded me to pick Amway, so I picked it from the set of all direct selling companies, just the way I picked LIERS from all bad people.
      Is it a lie ?

      Thankfully, you didn't say Amway is "THE FIRST" company to receive licence as most of the other IBOs say.

      No where I mentioned that Amway was not allowed to resume the operations.
      But you must be knowing, how it used to operate before the ban, and how it operates now. What are the changes it was forced to make. May be it's the time to contact your "Chinese sources".

      11. How about going to IDSA website and checking for yourself how many Indian distributors are students. May be you can ask one of your "Indian Sources" to do it for you.
      Facts doesn't change just because you don't think so.

      12. Quixtar was changed to Amway years ago.
      Where did I deny it ?

      Do you have any idea how IBO's are pitching here in India ?
      They say they have "Great Business Opportunity"(Err I have started to hate this), and they'll say it's Ecommerce, online business not Amway. After hours of pitching they say it's Quixtar.

      I know if I google Quixtar and click on first result(, I'll be taken to Amway website. Why do you think the name Quixtar still there ?
      There again, I was talking practical about what's going on the ground around me, you are talking theory.

      If you are looking for the points I have missed, It's because I have got those information IBOs like you.

      13. You frankly doubt the IBOs make deceivable and utter nonsense pitches ?
      For a guy sitting in a Western country, and whose sources are distributors like him, there is little surprise here.

      14. Should I report lies of IBOs to Amway ? Do you honestly believe it is the thing any sensible guy does ?
      How about complaining to Osama that his grand son stole a pen ?

      15. Is it rubbish that 90% of IBOs lose money?
      How about you enlightening my readers about the correct percentage of IBOs losing money?
      Can you kindly ask Amway to put the correct statistics about how many business owners lose money in their home page ? talk about being Ethical ?

      Can you kindly ask all Diamonds and double Diamonds to put the correct statistics in their CDs and Books ? talk about impairing education through these tools?

      While I really like the name - IboFighback. Can you kindly tell my readers why there are no such IboFightbacks of Avon or Tupperware who also does direct selling ?
      Why there are no IboFighbacks with full fledged websites clarifying the doubts and so called misconceptions about Avon or Tupperware ?
      I need not tell you, there's no smoke without fire.

    4. We can go on for years rubbishing each others points and perspectives. You know it.
      This is the exact reason why I didn't reply to your detailed flaws comment. While I let it to be there because I want my readers to hear both sides of the story.
      But you finally succeeded in getting a reply.

      It always astounds me how people like yourself write long detailed comments finding flaws without understanding difference between statistics and experience, theory and reality - and then publish their own opinions as the real facts.

      Well, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Is it you lying, or have you simply been fed lies by your sources and believed them?

      Maybe it's the time for you to reconsider your sources.

      sounds familiar ?

      FYI I'm not pro or Anti Amway, nor this site is created to write against any company, I have never lost any money in any kind of schemes, but you also know the fact that many people at the bottom of the pyramid lose their money.
      If you don't know, take it from me, many of my friends have.
      Forget about the self respect they have lost.
      Forge about the way people talk about these distributors.
      Forget about the way the people who got pitched by their lies look at them and laugh at them when they walk around.
      Again this is reality here. I don't know how it is where you live.

      As Gekko said, "Greed is good, Greed works" , scams also continue to work.
      I know there are ethical IBOs and honest distributors and I also know that I can't match the vast experience and knowledge you have about MLM structure and how these things work.
      But through this article I tried to put forth my perspective.

      While I respect your views, reader will ultimately decide whats good for them and whats not.

      Leaving all statistics aside, honestly don't you think it's bizarrely shitty and irritating when some "XYZ" company distributors come and start giving lecture about "Great Business Idea" they have, when you are with your family and friends enjoying your free time in shopping Malls, Cafeterias, food courts, as if they don't want to become rich alone and genuinely kind enough to make everyone around rich ?

      By mistake if any one give their phone number, he'll get calls every weekend from all the distributors in that group. How will this world be if there are 5 such "XYZs" in this world with 3 million distributors each?

      Forget it for a second that you are also a distributor and think about it.

      Again, thanks for sharing your views with my readers.

    5. Bottom line: Amway sucks and almost everyone knows or has heard of someone who's gotten lied to or scammed by Amway. I myself was deceived and tricked into an Amway meeting. Funny how they don't mention the name Amway until you are well into the presentation. It;s like they need to hide the name out of shame or something. Hardly anyone makes money in Amway too. Only the well tenured gems sitting on top make the money. The conventions are like a cult gathering. The whole opportunity is questionable. The government should shut down all MLM's!

    6. In fact the charlatans at the top of AMO's make the greater majority of their sales from the said AMO's than from scAmway itself. Google "directly speaking" talks by Rich DeVos to hear about his frustration with this glaring absurdity. When some to a whole lot of'em make 50-85% of their pelf from AMO's you gotta wonder which achoo business they are in, scAmway or AMO? Thus, DeVos' source of frustration.

    7. @shrikanth! no offense but you really need to get yourself updated with ethical info about amway. U can't just prove yourself right on some random info by random people who barely know anything about amway. For instance, you mentioned to compare the price of dishwasher. you r right but u don't know how to use it because u don't bother to seek right info. Dishwasher is concentrated and it has to be mixed with water and kept in another bottle, which eventually last longer than any other product in market. So if u think You r probably ''keeping'' people from amway, i think u r hardly makin any progress. Hope u understand what im trying to say. Good Luck :)

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  7. When i was in college, i attended a seminar of this ScAmway. 10 minutes into the speech and i was convinced that it was not for me. Years on, met a friend who tried to sell me stuff of another scam company called Oriflame, and thats when i realised that he has been stuck with thousands of rupees worth of stuff and none of our friends of his relatives want to meet him.

    After my advice, he slowly discarded the stuff and concentrated on his IT career. Today i laugh at anyone wanting to sell me these crap from the pyramid schemes. Btw, i see that the trolls have started attacking your post already. Ignore them. Keep fighting to spread the truth.

  8. Yeah it's funny how still, after so many years, innocent people are still getting dragged towards these pyramid schemes.

    At the start no one will understand whatever we write, people start to realise the ultimate truth, once they are into it for few months realising they lose more than they make.

    Thanks liju for your thoughts.

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  10. The problem is not lies about 'exquisite distribution', 'bizop', 'overpriced goods-for-nothing', slaves trading and so on, but the fact that:

    1) there's no real customers, but biz 'builders' for the sake of the biz;
    2) there's no unlimited 'passive' income possibility because everything is limited on this Earth;
    3) there's no proofs and evidence that so-called 'successful' are really such ones (no tax returns, nor 1090 or any);

    Shortly, there's nothing but ignorance drugged words bubbling!

    1. Hehehehe it's bcuz u got the wrong vehicle my friend don't blame amway that's ur own fault for not getting up. Honestly world wide dream builders is the way to go they actually invest time into others to help set them up for success not failure so come on and not be STUPID , actually find some COMMON SENSE all of u make me laugh. If u want success in this bizness u need world wide group there the blue print of how to build.

  11. very interesting and eye opener but not for policy makers!

  12. come on man, if you're going to write an article reviewing a company, please make sure you at least understand the FUNDAMENTALS of how the company works. I'm not for amway, i will never be involved with amway, but seriously, what you're spreading is misinformation. you're no better than the "scammers" you're accusing them to be of.

    and to point something out, amway does not control how people sell those products. if a person promises something and doesn't deliver, amway has nothing to do with it. they are just a manufacturer of goods.

    and the reason the name amway is so tainted because people like yourself, who don't even understand the basics of the company, claim that it's a scam. the company isn't a scam. only the distributors could be scammers. claiming that amway is a scam is like claiming that amazon is a scam because an affiliate of amazon promised you 5% cashback on amazon purchases through their link but didn't deliver.

    step back and take a breath. stop with your religious pro-MLM anti-MLM dogma, and explain what you mean by "scam", who's doing the "scamming" and at least show that you have some basic knowledge of how it works. because you sound very ignorant.

    1. Maybe Amway is tainted because they don't stop the Amway representatives who give them a bad name. Just sayin'

    2. this is the worst article aganst amway so pls first go home and study well and then come to write kid

  13. IBOs have spoilt the name of Amway by promoting the business as a "get-rich-quick-sheme".Amway is ethical but some IBOs are not.

    The problem in india is that we do not have a comprehensive act to regulate the direct selling industry.

    We first have to understand the difference between an illegal pyramid scheme and a legitimate direct selling business model adopted by amway ,oriflame etc.,

    Can we call conventional business as a pyramid scheme just because the CEO earns the most as opposed to an entry level employee who earns the least.We can't blame the CEO for earning the most because he certainly worked hard to get to that position.

    We always say that the people at the top earn more in amway business. Just think practically for a moment, did they make that income the very moment they joined the business?
    Simply put, does an entry level employee become a "Team leader" within a month? he must be consistent in his work for atleast 2-3 years to get promoted as a team leader. Same applies to amway business.
    Not only in amway business , in any field majority of the people lose.In any field its the person who works hard who is gonna make it to the top.
    Whether we like it or not, the direct selling industry keeps growing whether people take up the business opportunity extended to them or not, just like any big company grows regardless of whether any employee resigns or not.

    1. Why do u hide these facts when u ask a new person to join.

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  15. Amway is the founding member of IDSA. Obviously IDSA will fight for Amway.

  16. Direct selling industry (as retail SELLING to real customers who are NOT mlmers) was deceived and seduced into MLM which is but a recruiting pyramid now and a false legitimacy. Could you please name where some 2% of 'workers' almost fairly get over 3/4 of the income for 'not doing the job'? How come that the income is primarily from... its 'workers'? What kind of 'business' it is where everyone allegedly dreams to sign up and buy out overpriced mass goods, because some 40% of its price is for 'the network bonuses'? And what about those notorious 'prosuments' who buy from themselves?! Let alone 'coyingly-prusish' absence of the tax incomes from MLM (aka US-form 1099)?

    Moreover, mass hysteria about employments as 'buyers' is but fake for every "successful" liar will require a mini-pyramids of many-many people who have to be "unlucky". It's but a closed-marked and proportions remain.

    In the era of the open market and modern almost-instant communications no reasonable and clever man would sign up to recruit and telling lies to his or her own people or even not familiar ones. It's a false bubble, a white-collar criminal scheme. Alas.

  17. Hey nice one..What about Oriflame and avon?? They also have the same business model..are they illegal too?/
    What about people who still believe in them and making earnings?
    No doubt their product are of best product quality and cost for them don't hurt after result I use their products in my daily life. It's us who are helping them to trap and scamming??I am doubtful here.

  18. What will I be called if I only sell their products?

    1. I don't know what others will call you, but your Amway topline will definitely call you as, THE MOST INTELLIGENT, FORESIGHTED, and THE FUTURE MILLIONAIRE. LMAO...........

  19. I went to an amway meeting on Monday and i must say that the diamond level gentleman had the crowd wooed. But putting his obvious persuasive skills aside let's think logical. If im selling products and when i approach a prospective customer why should i convince him to come under my wing instead of prioritizing on selling him the product.

    1. you develop a business and consumer sales force you don't want to keep selling to 100 people till you die to earn that much money that an Amway diamond makes more than 50lacs per year that's why you help others also to do a small turnover which all adds up to become a bigger turnover which will let you become millionaire

    2. True, with any business you want to have a team; however, as an AIBO you are actually recruiting and self buying the majority of the time.

      There is rarely a moment when you are selling constantly. Besides, if your business is a legitimate online business like other online stores, you would not have to sell to 100 people, you could market to them from the internet and have people buy without lifting a finger, instead you are recruiting and going to functions for the rest of your life.

  20. I live in US and I received a call from a person about an exciting business opportunity'. I thought of knowing about it and ended up attending a conference. To my shock I found many students who come on F1 are trapped in this. Also people working on H1b are being told it is not illegal to do this but the fact is It is illegal to do some thing like this and earn money with either H1 or F1 visa. To my surprise I found atleast 90% of the people are Indians who are staying in US on either H1 or F1.

    1. hey...I saw few people who left it after reading such stuff.
      So, if someone has joined it under F1 status,,,and then if he leaves still will it be risky for the records still exist.....??...or everything becomes normal...??They were not active members and i guess they didnt earn also....they remain in it for 3-4 months.....

    2. "Also people working on H1b are being told it is not illegal to do this but the fact is It is illegal to do some thing like this and earn money with either H1 or F1 visa. To my surprise I found atleast 90% of the people are Indians who are staying in US on either H1 or F1."

      shekar I really appreciate your statement,because I had the same concern.I really liked the opportunity and wanted to do it took the documents and business plan to an attorney paid him 500$ and reviewed if I was able to do it as I was on h1B. He told its perfectly legal to do business in US even if you are on h1 or f1 and pay should not be on w2, also the income is 1099 MISC category.If we take the count of students working in grocery store and getting income without filing tax!!..that's illegal!!.

  21. hi srikanth,i.must say u have done a good job coming up with this blog that should educate people getting into the trap of this so called "business opportunity" amway works exactly the way u have explained but unfortunately many people dont understand and tend to fall for the trap imagining to have afinancial freedom or whtsoever they preach in this so called motivational organisation ..a friend of mine is into it and i have'nt been able to get her out of it ...she seems to have completely brainwashed by the seminars meetings n stuff.. when i rejected the offer of being a part of it ..they thought i had no goals or hope for a good life ..and they said we pity u .. i said,excuse me..seriously ??!! how stupidthese people are..they roam around most of the time attending meetings seminars n shell hell lot of money on all these stuff and have absolutely no time for their family even after reaching certain level..where is the financial freedom that they talk abt .. bullshit ..these ibos are a bunch of bullies ..anyhow pity innocent ones that are trapped and losing money

    1. OMG!!! I know what u mean!! My Sister and brother in law are in so deep!! They have lost their home, cars, savings, and now family!! My sister (different sister) is getting married and they can't come because the have to "focus" on their business!!! They at one time had 2 people under them and those people have seen the light and got out. They are still waiting for their "financial freedom" Sister is working 2 jobs to support the family (3kids) and her husband looks for prospects. I don't know the hold these people have. In thousands of dollars in debt.... they still attend the seminars and buy the books hoping for the BIG pay out. After 7 years of this when is enough, enough!! They make $57 a year!! YES A YEAR!!!! I can't wrap my head around it! BRAINWASHED!!!

  22. Arvind Ahuja and Geetika Ahuja are big scamsters from Gurgaon. They apparently belong to the Network21 group. (which makes not only Amway products available under its net but so many other companies - Amway is only 30% of their business)

    With words, they will thoroughly hypnotize you into believing them. And convince you that you're being foolish if you dont attend conferences (Organised by Network 21), see motivational CDs (created by Network21 to make you believe you should be a part of it). 

    Its a cult. Only if you approve to what they are saying, they will maintain contact with you. If you disagree, they first coerce you into it, if you still desist, they will cut all contacts with you. (without returning your money) 

    They "forced" me to buy a ticket to one of these conferences. They were acquaintances. I couldnt refuse. After all the research I found I was one of the victim of this Network21 scam. Leave alone returning my money, they cut all contacts. Any phone calls to them are left unanwered. It was a well-laid out trap. They had been constantly messaging me everyday to meet them once. I desisted everytime but eventually gave in. How long can you refuse to meet your relatives?

    1. Stop Behaving like a small child dear. Arvind and Geetika are well known people in Gurgaon. They have changed so many lives all over India and even abroad. They are very respectable Couple and have always made relationships. There is something wrong with you. Go to a psychiatrist.

    2. So you are still brainwashed dear. There is a lot wrong with you, but unfortunately a psychiatrist will not be able to do much with you. You will only learn after losing a lot of money to such scamsters- a very costly learning process- very unfortunate for you dear!

    3. This couple has duped many people! Don't fall for their schemes! Amway is a trap.

  23. It was really a nice article about amway... Last week I was compelled / forced to attend one of their seminars so sacrificing a sunday I have gone their along with my spouse... to my surprise what a crowd yaar.. The auditorium is flooded with crowd. (I still doubt that its a real crowd or artifically bought crowd for showoff) One gentleman was keep on talking about his experience and how he has become crorepathi... I was literally laughing myself.... during the course of meeting one gentleman called few people to standout in the crowd. My surprise is those people were equally spreaded among the crowd. All diamonds come to stage and share their experience was the another call.. Many went to the stage and shared that they started their life with nowhere now they are having car, banglow and all luxury items and thanked AMWAY. One thing which made me LOL is few people were taking notes on the speeches.... Atlast came out of the meeting while starting my vehicle my so called friend (came to meeting by his compulsion) came to me and asked me to arrange for 25 peoples gatherings (of my friends & relatives) in my home. I told him upfront "GET LOST"

    1. Haha good experience my friend, at last you did the right thing, even I have attended one such meeting, it was a complete brain wash session, there are plenty of good respectful ways to earn money than begging people to join some network.

    2. haha, i attended a meeting in london. Cant believe they only invite IT guys because they know they earn alot of money and can probably buy these products. The guy never mentioned amway in his whole speech (no wonder why) and in the end they tried hard sell approach with me to join it, i told them i ll think about it but my gut feeling was 'another ponzi scheme and waste of one hour lol'. They also offered some amway vitamin tablet which i tried it. once i reached home, my stomach got upset and had to take medicine. I feel sorry for people that work their ass off to make amway boss the richest man on this planet and secondly if i was going to buy any products from amsway i would prefer to it charity the money than wasting it in this scam

  24. Thanks Shrikanth for the warning! I saved time and money.

    1. Hahaha saved time & moneyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ haha u don't understand how much I'm laughing !!! Ur just another excuse maker to not build the bizness. Honestly I made more money in this by taking the world wide dream builders way of how to build the bizness their the secret of how to build it , honestly a lot of people have walked away from their jobs from the bizness so is my upline their about to be stay at home parents & retire young , but honestly ur gonna take financial advise from this Blogger who hasn't even been financially independent ?? Sorry actually haha I'm not , but where's the common sense so either DO ur actual research or Shut the HELL UP & show me a bizness that is fully capitalized & depth free & has helped more than 30 thousand people earn a 6 digit figure or walk away from a job & that's has done more revenue than the NFL & pays back 4.3 billion back to leaders. A job honestly isn't gonna work so best of luck retiring till ur 75 :)

  25. A few years ago a coworker of mine became an Amway distributor in Panama City. She talked about recruiting distributors from Panama City. A week later she was talking about traveling to the other provinces of Panama to recruit distributors, and a week after that she was talking about flying to Costa Rica to recruit distributors. The Amway scheme hits a country and spreads virulently until all possible distributors are recruited and it then lies dormant until a new generation of victims grows up.

  26. @Shrikanth n

    You are a BIG uneducated fool. Amway is MLM. Amway is NOT a Pyramid or SCAM
    Amway sells products for money. that's all

    1. Did you get trained to use such abusive language at the Amway trainings- having paid through your nose to attend such seminars? If so, my sympathies are with you.

  27. peoples who think amway is scam, leave them alone and they will end up with nothing at all in end, cause they are just fools(no explanation why? cause fools are fools),and for those who love amway ,, keep it up and leave these fools alone and then i am sure you will rich soon,,best of luck and see you on beaches of the world.

    1. 1000 claps for you too Mr. Satendra. There are real fools on the this earth like Mansi Dutta who without researching anything, start speaking rubbish about such a Great Company.

    2. It's 'Anonymous' fuckers like you (paid pawns by AMWAY) who hide behind fake identities :p

      Amway is the BIGGEST scam on earth!

  28. I've read the entire article & read through all of the comments & I have yet to find any good reason not to be apart of amway. I am a new IBO out of Los Angeles, I still have time left to cancel my registration & receive a refund for my cost. With that said I have a question for everyone who believes amway is a scam. I heard about amway through a friend of a friend, I contacted amway directly & joined. Here is a breakdown of my situation. I paid amway $67 to join I spent an additional $100 (my choice) buying products to try & familiarize myself with them. Total it cost me $167 to join. In my 1st month I made $82 that was direct deposited to my bank account. I don't have any down line. The only customers I have are two friends, my mother & my brother. My 2nd month I made $69, I am currently in my 3rd month. I personally like the products, I use the legacy of clean & the Nurtilite products. My customers by the cleaning products & like them. So my question for everyone is this, based on my experience should I believe amway is a scam & leave them. To sum it up, I spent $67 to join bought a $100 worth of products. Received $151 in direct deposits. Currently this month I have made $46, none of my customers are complaining about the products or the prices, I don't have to attend any amway meetings, I'm not under any pressure to make sales or sign people up. My suggestion for anyone on this site is to contact Amway & get the facts about being an IBO because I found that the things mentioned on this site & many others are not true. If you look at Amway guidelines, the BBB, EPA & a lot of other official sites you would find that Amway is a good company.

    1. If everyone operate the way you are operating Amway will not make billions.
      I see people whom u sell is ur family members and close friends. Calculate how much they r spending to make you earn 50.$ a month and see the profit Amway is making. Don't u.see who is losing money.

    2. From how l understand it, you are not forced to make sales or recruit people but you can still get cash backs and enjoy shopping at low prices.Is that right NewIBO. Are you enjoying the business despite what these other misinformed people are saying.One persons' experience can not be matched to the next person.So people should decide what they want and be careful coz other people just love putting up unnecessary scenes to discourage others.

  29. amway is the most intelligent scam ever, successfully running in india.i know amway completely,because my parents are part of this business from last two year.

    1. you don't need to be part of this business to completely understand it you should become a diamond by working hard and then understand this great company which is giving quality eco friendly products and nutrilite is the greatest product on this planet giving lives to many i have my own example my sister has been saved because of this product and i am also earning out of this business so pls stop and don't just comment without fully understanding this business. in USA federal trade commission has already looked into the working of amway in 70s and found that its legal and since then its running in more than 100 countries and everywhere it has been legalised even in china which is a communist country the only thing is that we don't have a law to legalise what amway is doing. also most of the time amway is in news because amway is the biggest company and known by almost everyone so its best way to spread rumour amout amway rather than a lesser known company soon mlm will be legalised in this country also and we don't have to again go through all this bulshit

  30. WOW!!! Where to begin! My Sister and brother in law are in so deep!! They have lost their home, cars, savings, and now family!! My sister (different sister) is getting married and they can't come because the have to "focus" on their business!!! They at one time had 2 people under them (7years ago) and those people have seen the light and got out. They are still waiting for their "financial freedom" Sister now is working 2 jobs to support the family (3kids) and her husband looks for "prospects". They are completely BRAINWASHED!!. In thousands of dollars in debt.... they still attend the seminars and buy the books hoping for the BIG pay out. After 7 years of this when is enough, enough!! They make $57 a year!! YES A YEAR!!!! After spending thousands to buy their own product!! They think the family isn't supporting them because they are not on board with them and not buying their product from their store. We are taking money out of our nieces and nephews mouths!! I can't wrap my head around it! BRAINWASHED!!! Why the heck would i want to buy something 3x's more from them when i could buy it cheaper somewhere else!!! REALLY SISTER...and blame the entire family for your misfortune!! WAKE UP AND OPEN YOUR EYES SISTER!!!

    1. Hahahah what's funny is ur sisters earing $50 more bucks than ur 401 K PLAN HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ honestly man there's one system out of the 40 that work along with amway. That is the World Wide Group their the ones who set people up for success & not failure , they invest a lot of time into people that actually want a dream or more out of life. Honestly man by looks & hear of ur attitude I would NEVER in my life wanna work with someone like u honestly I hope that hurts bcuz sometime u gotta wake up & know that u gotta change something about ur life bcuz jobs aren't gonna let me already be retired or let me travel for a whole month straight or help others create a 6 digit income a MONTH ! So I'm just saying man do ur actual research or SHUT THE HELL UP ! & show me a bizness that's fully capitalized & has done more bizness revenue than the NFL & pays back 4.3 billion back to leaders. Gets some common sense honestly no one in world wide would work with just any body & plus man the only thing that stops people from building & taking a long time to progress is fear. I got to give it up to the people who are creating a legacy for their future kids kids & create an asset to be able to retire young ! While u stay comfortable & not make a change so just know ur definitely not gonna get no where without common sense & don't bash something that you've never tried. It makes no sense hahahaha see yah man

  31. I Must say People are talking a lot about amway..!!
    Bt thats not true at all....
    I am earning money out of it, its jst people don't understand the model
    its world's best business !!!
    srikant u r a sucker!!!

    1. WOW 1000 claps for you Mr. Navpreet Singh. Amway plan is an IQ test. And those who dont understand are big Idiots like Mansi Dutta who is posting all wrong things for Amway.

  32. People dont know anythng about amway...

  33. Hello, I had been read it all and I do not know what to tell you all but just a story.
    And please forgive my grammar mistake and language problem, it's just a share for you all.
    Just imagine if you start your own small company and you must be busy with your financial, selling, and maybe you will think how many worker you should hire and how they help your company earning money.
    As we know business is just want to profit more (use their strategy) If they are keeping lost I'm sure you or the who invest person would stop this business.
    If the employees you had been hire you can not control(in term of work).
    They do not help company generate profit but also take away company money.
    That is what I want to say "nothing is free" how much effort and concentrate you have been pay that is how much you can earn.
    This will solve the story problem which is pay salary for employee who do nothing and other employee will attracted by this lazyness.
    At the end because of the human resources, financial, and selling problem come out, that is the only one person must be face who is "boss".
    If he do not intelligent enough he would off the business.
    But if he is an genius he will maintain this business (by their strategy) and wait for other partners come out in to his life and help him.
    But at the end, do you think this type of business will last long?
    Do you think everyone have how many ten years for you to strive for you business?
    I know my English must improve and this is a very embarrassment to write out this type of grammar mistake things. However, I firmly want to help one site (if you understand my language and thank you) because I really do not like people said the wrong things and lead to other people misunderstand.
    The God would forgive everyone, if you say sorry to the audiences.

  34. Very Interesting comments from all ...

  35. Read the entire story and comments. In MY opinion, Shrikanth is right about the facts and about the company as a whole. I am absolutely sure that people ridiculing this article are not making enough out of this business. First of all, if someone is making such good money, they shouldn't be having enough time to rationalize the so-called 'negatives' on internet. If I make good money from my business and my friend doesn't understand it, why would I worry explaining 20-25 detailed points to him. I will move on.
    Deep inside in their hearts, all these folks know that they have been duped but are just trying to rationalize in some way to overcome the saddening thought of not making money from this business model.
    Having said this, I also feel there are couple of good things - a) This business could be THE business who are in the most difficult situations and who do not have prior knowledge of operating a shop/business. There is nothing to lose from an investment standpoint (leaving all social factors of losing friends) b) I actually felt couple of tapes/books and a function I attended with my friend to be good. Again, for the same reason. I saw few people beaming with confidence who would have never dared to speak in front of more than 3 family members. I would rather recommend these books and tapes for personality development but not Amway :). Maybe a different thought.

  36. And one more thing.. honest to goodness..both these incidents are true. 1) A guy and his wife in Walmart started talking out of the blue and asked for my phone #. First of all I dont know what that guy was buying at Walmart with Amway products at home. I knew it was going to be Amway but yet I gave my # . He called me exactly within 48 hours and said he is involved in his own retail franchise business and he deals with products such as Ipad, Best buy, home depot etc. He named 2-3 brands and none of it from Amway. I asked if he is a distributor or a retailer to these brands. He said I do through IT. He asked to attend a meeting and I refused.
    The second incident happened outside a temple. A gentleman was dressed sharp (as instructed by uplines) and was distributing pamphlets. This guy also wanted to turn me into a millionaire by attending a meeting. The difference here is he is involved in "affiliate marketing". The commonality here is both of them had the same upline who they were talking about :). But outside temples and asking for phone numbers in Walmart - not sure if this is height of desperation or perseverance towards 'so-called' success.

  37. Instead of analyzing whether Amway is good or bad i want to share my experience with it.
    I did not know much about Amway before joined it after being persuaded by a colleague of mine.

    He said he was earning a lot of money already... later i found out he joined Amway just 4 months back....Also i found out no matter how much u slog or do it right u cannot make any significant money in four months. Also later on in several trainings they actually asked to tell the outright lie that you are earning a lot when you make a presentation to new prospects.

    He also said i need to spend only 1 or 2 hours a day and rest my upline will do for me. In reality i ended up (forced) to spend more than 6 hours a day (making contacts ... meeting ... training ...listen to tapes etc etc) !!!

    He also forced me buying hell lot of tapes and books saying they will help me in growing business. These tapes will always talk about philosophy but never actually talk about improving business skill.

    He also made me buy all the products and use them not just first time but always.

    I did not want to be judgmental about Amway so i really worked very hard for sometime to see if it really works before i quit. First of all it is very difficult to convince anyone to join Amway is further difficult to keep them active . You need to work really really hard to maintain even 10 downlines under you. I have very closely seen an Emerald upline (who became diamond 4 years later .. it took him 12 years to become diamond ) and even he had to work almost 18 hours a day!
    And fact is he has to work very hard for rest of his life also. The simple reason is he has to keep his downline motivated.

    Also i found that most people join it as they are told that they have to work very little and they can earn a good amount if they have a big list of contacts. The fact is from your list of contacts consisting of your friends and family and distant relatives hardly anyone will join ... So all you have to do is roam around shopping mall, fast food joints, railway station or bus stand and pretend to be their friend to get their phone number.

    While you are in Amway you cant take vacations, you cant spend any time with anyone outside your Amway fraternity. If you want to join Amway please get an approval from your girl friend or boy friend because you cannot maintain any relation outside Amway. As a matter of fact if you are in Amway your spouse must have to be also in Amway otherwise you cant spend any time with him/her or he/she will feel outcast. I indeed had a break up with my girl friend soon after i joined Amway (since i was not being able to give her any time) but fortunately we patched up again after i quit it :-).

    You will be convinced to use all the products you need or not by saying that using products are one of the core steps. So i ended up using all the products and most of them i did not need .
    I found many of the products are ordinary and you will find a better and effective product in market. Also i ended up using many of the much hyped Nutrilite products and most of them did not make any difference to my health.

    Another side of it is the never ending trainings, seminars and functions and it is treated as a crime if you don't attend it . You have to pay for it and listen to the same emotional speeches almost every alternate day till you become a robot and blindly follow your upline.

    In the end i want to say yes go ahead and join Amway if and only if you want to work very very hard...loose all your friends outside Amway....forget your family if they are also not in Amway...forget everything outside Amway....forget you have a brain and just follow your upline and treat him like God (till he is in Amway business :-) ) and you have some chance of being successful may be after 15 years at the cost of people outside Amway think you are fraud.

    P.S - You could have been a great success had you worked 50% of as hard as you need to work for Amway.

    1. 1st, you got a bad upline, mine doesnt force me to do anything, I dont need to buy any booKs, CDs or attend any meeting, function, etc. 2nd, you can't succeed with Amway doesn't mean others can't since Amway in no doubt a manufactures of quality products.

    2. First you're talking ti'ca, every person who is commenting is speaking on THEIR PERSPECTIVE. Second why would they cosign or not speak against an organization that destroyed their life.

      He can only speak of the system he was under, the same as you are doing. I was under BWW, with Kanti and Lata Gala as my upline Diamonds or Double Diamonds ( I forget) Next was Ashok and Rupal as my Emeralds and Tarique and Kazi has my Platinum uplines...

      And my uplines were these Nigerian Brothers. These people do not force you to buy anything but they convince you like Religion does (not Anti-God by the way) or like a manipulator does.

      They make you think that success comes from doing this business, then it is doing this business plus going to functions, then the 9 core steps and finally you are a soul puppet to your uplines.

      That is my experience and I do not know of yours and for all I know you and those like you might be the exception since I have seen several people who have had experiences like mine and who do not even bad mouth Amway but express their opinion honestly.

      My gripe is with BWW and how Amway allows them to exist. Those things are mandatory to even to qualify for certain pin levels, which they hype up so much. Others possibly can succeed, I hope they do...

  38. The biggest points to make after reading this article (which is a good argument btw) is the point on the company being illegal, and the statistics quote. Rather than defend Amway (which I'm not doing), I would just say that you either buy into the network marketing business model or you don't. The people building it right teach their team to find customers, as well as other "IBOs." This makes the model work. They focus on maintaining a handful of customers, and building a massive team of owners. The owners/distributors have no problem acting as customers becuase they buy the vision: MLM companies don't have employees, they empower every individual involved with the ability to make as much or as little as they choose. Secondly, the statistics quote is very frustrating one, and sad at that. The same gruesome statistic can be said for almost any new business that is started, even outside MLM. The fact is, rather than assume you won't make money because the majority won't, you should ask how the 1% do and then mimic them. If you assume you're just going to be part of the majority, then unfortunately you already are. That's just a mindset factor that you're capable of overcoming. Hope this helps and great luck! I published an article on this subject, just click my name if you'd like to read it.

    1. The Amway business is perfectly acceptable even if only
      1% people succeed. What is not acceptable is the way it tricks or traps a new person to join it. Until some one join Amway they are never told how much rigorously he has for it, that success rate is 1% and this indeed require full time devotion and also the competition is very fierce and ofcourse it requires continuous investment . If these facts are made clear most of the people won't join since most join as they are made to believe it is.part time work and easy money. This is as good as cheating, in other words taking advantage of unsuspecting minds.
      It is a fact that people who have a steady source of income can only get started this business and the only reason most get started since they don't know how hard it is to succeed with.Amway. why would someone want to put so much effort to become just a salesman or distributor? If they put.the same effort in what they r doing they will be more successful in life.
      And bye the way tell me honestly ... Does the work load reduce at all even after becoming diamond ? It can't .

    2. There is a Idiot Lady name: Mansi Dutta works with times of India. Spreading all wrong things about the great company called Amway. Amway has proved world wide since last 60yrs all over the world in more than 90 countries. Never left any country. Any body can fool people for 1 or 2 yrs but for 60yrs and 90 country governments ufffffff..... People think that by joining Gym, u will have a muscular body. Amway is Great Company which provide products but Network21 is a company which teaches right principles and methods of doing the business. People fail by just joining Amway and dont do anything then start these kind of blogs and put there frustration like Mansi Dutta ( a Big Fraud )

    3. I see your desperation at proving Srikanth (the writer of this article) and anyone who is anti-Amway, wrong! I'm talking to you Arvind Ahuja/Geetika Ahuja. Take a deep breath. When you're hiding behind a "Anonymous", be smart enough not to post all comments on the same date (December 5) within a time span of 1 hour. (21:00 hours - 22:00 hours) What desperation! LOLOLOL

      I'm sure you get paid some real shit by Amway for posting those shitty videos!

  39. Thanks for sharing this informative blog about Board MLM. it is very nice and helpful for your business.

  40. Reality about Amway by Top Most Financial Expert of the worl: Mr. Robert Kiyosaki

  41. The Real Her Of the World



  44. Intelligent People see the about Videos and Judge urself and Stupid People like Mansi Dutta go to asylum



  47. Amway business is like shoveling a big mountain of shit with the promise of a chest of gold 20 feet deep! Stop wasting your time, build a real business or learn real skills. I have seen people who live and breath Amway and achieve very high levels, like diamond but in the end they also came to realization it is not sustainable and gave up. Keep your dreams alive, think big, but your goals will not be achievable thru Amway.

  48. Winners never Quit & Quitters never Win
    If you cannot succeed in the biggest opportunity Amway then you can never succeed any where.
    Secondly if some one achieves levels just by purchasing products then he can never sustain. but thru Network21 way its always sustainable. We are watching third generation now whose grandfather worked and the grandson is getting huge royalty.

    1. if you are addicted to cigaretts and you quit smoking you win... so your logic right there is flawed g'day scrub

  49. You have really been brain washed! The problem with Amway people are they always think they are right and there is no other better businesses. All the other people are just suckers, strugglers or just dumb! My god, look around you to see who the rich people are, check the top 100 rich list and etc, do you think these rich people are not successful? They you think they have anything to do with Amway and be conned to do this "best opportunity" business. Sure a lot of these people have had a head start from money left by their families, but you will be surprised a lot of them are just self made and started from scratch in some business but no, not Amway! The Amway guys who achieve a little bit like to show off and they are big braggers, if only they show their peers their actual income and their net assets, I bet is is not what they pretend it o be. They have to keep up the image to attract more suckers to replenish the ones that have dropped out. I know of a personal school friend who's been doing this Amway business or over 10 years full time, very committed live and breath the business, guess what. he's still struggling to make ends meet. He has got no kids nor commitments, but yet not making enough to get by, He has to keep borrowing from friends money that he has never repaid. Friends just have pity on him wasting his time in this business but he is so sold on the idea that it will lead to the lifestyle that he wants. Poor guy! There are better things to do! Friends don't waste your time, I suppose best experience is to try it out but how any 5 or 10 years do you have while you see people around you genuinely succeeding. Don't listen to the BS spiel that you an achieve financial independence thru Amway in 6 mths, 1 yr or 2 yrs.

  50. Yeah, the network 21 way is to keep getting the members to buy tapes and attend buy tickets to attend cult and full f hype rallies where the commissions mainly benefit the few higher up in the chain. While the lower ones down the chain are left holding the can!

  51. I am a former AMWAY person and I am sickned by ur article. U obviously cannot discuss sumthing u haven't tried. I have compared prices on the products and amway, though higher, lasted longer and did better than the leading products. I am former bc my ex-husband did not pay the renewal fee. Twe more than doubled our income each mnth.

    1. Isnt that kinda dumb then? You doubled your former income but left amway because you didnt pay your renewal fee? So you were just like"nah I dont need that extra money"? That doesnt even make sense.

  52. Amway is not a scam or a get rich quick program. Amway pays you for the genuine effort put in, so you are not willing to put in any effort and still think you can ride the rich train, think again. I have met millionaires that were previously waitresses at Denny's. I have met some of the greatest people through Amway. No I am not rich but that is due to my lack of effort in it. The reason Amway has such a bad reputation is because some average Joe that you know tried it out, tried to con you by saying you will get rich if you just follow me and he didnt nor did you. The people who have made it big in this business have not retaliated is because they understand how valuable their time is and don't want to waste it on people that they dont need on their team.

  53. just a simple question, why cant they just sell it directly over the internet/shelf & anyone can buy it that too at a cheaper rate.

    I like their products & boy they are good, but havent actually bought them yet as ofcource they are over priced.

    1. My brother sells Amway products. Once he tried to sell me the same. I was astonished to find that cost of tooth past was nearly 200% more than the regular brand of mine. We are paying more so that the excess amount gets distributed as commission to all under the Pyramid. Why should we do so? It is nothing but a Pyramid Scam and Loot of genuine buyers.

  54. Shrikanth .. some pointers to add your Words .. Check the below link

  55. this amway peoples are shameless,, once they get in your contact then no matter how much u try to ignore them they due to der shamelessness wont stop chasing you and will definitely agree to even suck ur cock for some easy money on the name of shit popluarly known as "amway" which sucks all d way.. ;)

    1. i wouldnt mind if they offered some cock suck ill be their work horse if their russian wife sucked my dick

  56. Totally agree with what is being said. Amway seems a deceptive scam

  57. I'm a 19 year-old college student in California Bay Area. A guy from Amway approached me while I was doing homework at a Starbucks. Tells me that he works with big businesses (never mentions Amway at all) and takes interest in what I do and offers me a chance to make some part-time money. Invites me to a "business meeting" in Concord at a Hilton hotel.

    I think to myself, oh cool. Money? I need money, I'll check it out.

    I go to this meeting, and see other people my age there. Must be some sort of recruiting thing I think. I get introduced to a bunch of "big shots" before the presentation and they ask me to sit in the front row. The whole time the videos and the speaker are making me feel like going to school won't be enough and that I don't have real goals in life.

    These people want me to make Amway my plan 'B' in life. Sounds terrible.

    The entire time he talked about getting other IBOs under me if I join, never really talking about selling the products. In my mind, I'm starting to piece it all together: it's just a giant expanding spiral, not a paying job. Hire other people to do the same thing as me? How is that making money?

    The concept and goals of Amway seem great actually. But the execution of it and doing it correctly is something that I feel only very few can do, who have no lives.

  58. I can completely relate to this article as yesterday was the day I went into this ritual.
    I had several questions but didn't ask there.
    They were introducing many people there who were doctors. I don't know how such intelligent people fall for this trap.

    1. LOL. YOU. ARE. A. COMPLETE. MORON. I thought the same thing... but I realized maybe there is something wrong with me if these intelligent people making unreal income in their jobs look to do something like this. DUDE, go read a book.

  59. Went through the ritual today, worst part is, the bastards charge an entry fee of 50 rupees, shitholes! And true all the symptoms were there: iit iim no amway mention until the end of the speech, dressed up in suit and tie. Much like Yo Yo Honey Singh in brown rang :) Couldn't even speak proper English without heavy Rajasthani/Bihari accent

  60. Wonderful comments everyone. About me, I have degrees in business and economics and I did my cap stone project on mlm's and pyramid schemes. Though the definition from FTC, a pyramid scheme is a company that does not offer product to the public or it does not actually have a product, (ie Pre-Paid Legal), it was my hypothesis to prove that Amway and Market America are pyramid schemes hidden in a mlm system. By definition, Amway and Market America do offer product to the public thus immediately removes them from officially being a pyramid scheme. But they do run just like a pyramid. Something to tell if a company is a pyramid is when an IBO is talking to you, ask yourself, are they trying to sell me the company or the product? If it sounds like the company, yeah, most likely a pyramid. If the guy talks about how much made or how much someone else made...yeap, you guessed it. Pyramid. I just got off the phone with someone who tried to convince me to join Amway. Immediately, he talked about how much the company has made ($50 billion dollars), how much of a kick back he got last year ($15,000) and how well he is doing in life. When I apply for a job, 1. I am trying to show my best to get the job, not the other way around. 2. If I apply for a job, does the recruiter/HR talk about how much money they make? No. Why? Because it is very unprofessional and unethical.

    1. You don't need to provide your credentials to make a point in a forum, it is very unethical and unprofessional. Now you might not agree with me because being unethical is a subjective issue which rests on an individual's perception, so please don't be decisive based upon your limited rationale. Multi level marketing is still an unorthodox way of making money, so you can't compare it with a job interview. But even in jobs if you try to get an extraordinary talent on board than you do sell your company, in MLM you don't know who can be extra ordinary because business and economics doesn't matters over here, all that matters is your dreams and little common sense which makes an auto-rikshaw driver equally competent to a professional like you. And by the way pyramid is where people work at lower level while people sitting at higher level makes money without any accountability of the whole transactions, while in Amway every penny is made on the turnover you do in your business by purchasing products or selling it.

    2. Dude... your grammar.... did you go to a community college? It's OK. Please go work your 40 hours bro. Expect great things from life lol

  61. My findings: By deriving the profit margin of both Amway and Market America, I was able to show a correlation that they don't follow a competitive market MR=MC or at least close to it, but rather a stackleberg first striker monopolistic market. Meaning, they want to be the first mlm in the area to quickly dominate and create a public dependency on it (think of Walmart). Nothing wrong with Walmart right? But we live in USA where we have a competitive market, so why the monopoly profit margin? A monopoly profit margin means the items are grossly over priced or the items are just so cheap that the competitive price is really for a completely different quality product. From what I have read, I don't know if I can assume the latter, so I must believe the products are over priced. But why would someone pay for an over priced item? it comes, because they want to fulfill their 'points'(Amway) or the 'BV'(Market America) in hopes of getting a kick back. From my phone call, I asked, "Do the kick backs of buying $X dollars of Amway product really offset the cost of just going to the store and buying that product?" The answer eventually was "No," followed by "But the quality is good". The has looked into this matter and has found that if you join and get 3 people below you and each person gets 3 people below you and this continues around the entire world....70% of people will not turn a profit. 1 company I forget the name of has came out and said in the fine print of their youtube advertisement, that only 1% of their people will at least break even.

    Logic of being in Amway? It really is to screw over your friends and family. Get them to join and get them to spend hundreds of dollars of stuff. The product they sell in Amway/Market America does not sell to the public. Unless you buy $150+ in make up or nutrients and have extra money to throw around, probably not worth it. Your hope, inside of these companies, is that you are buying these products in hopes of getting a kick back. How great it would be to get enough people below you, or rather, sucker them below you, so they are buying hundreds of dollars of product so you don't have to. You are making money off of duping these poor suckers.

    Start your own company! Or is it YOUR company? You still sell under Amway...your website is under the Amway webpage. So is it really your company? Not really, you are just a distributor. I was asked "Does Bill Gates work hard?" I told him "Yes, I am sure he does. Unfortunately I do not talk to him so I cannot verify that". Bill Gates started up his own company. He created the name...the product...the marketing...even his own business structure(which is very interesting to study by the way)...pretty much everything. Do you do this in Amway? Nope. The title is given to you, Amway. The product too. The Marketing...not really, it is a p2p and they even given you a book/cd to study and follow...what about the business structure? Nahhh...mlm/pyramid. So you aren't starting your own company. You aren't starting anything except a new chapter in your life entitled, "Being taken for a ride".

    Some people are so taken into these businesses that they are now blinded. They have cheated and crapped on so many people by getting them to join this scam that they don't even care. Would I rather live a rich man with no morals or die a poor man with a clean conscience. I know what I would choose, I hope it is not too late and you have not gotten too invested into these companies for you to choose the correct choice.

  62. *Correction* It is late and I stopped half way through a thought process before hitting publish. Amway and MA do offer product to the public, but at an inflated price. But they use that moment to try to sell you the company in hopes of getting you to be under them by saying "you can get a discount on these items". And that these "items are exclusive and found no where else". Well Duh! It is their product. Of coarse they won't let any store sell them so it is naturally exclusive. Ok that is it for now. If anyone wants, please read and see if this sounds like the 'mlm' company they are talking about. Oh, by the way, yes Amway is in many other countries, but they aren't in a lot either. Why? Because those countries have deemed those companies to be unethical and exploiting their people. They play on your greed. "What is wrong with making $100,000+ a year?" your quick reply maybe "Nothing!" with a slight smirk. But if I were to tell you, you are supporting a company that is building up hopes of millions of people and exploiting them and their gullibility so you can make your $100,000+. Anything wrong with that? I sure hope you would say 'Yeah...'

    1. Will the bussiness plan of mumbai express works?

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Nice attemp Shrikanthn, u really have did a great job... coz you want to save the youngsters.... i will just say one thing... every1 who wants to become... a successful Doctor... or an engineer or any sussessful professional dont he need to work really really really really hard... if u admit it then you have a common sense otherwise you are a stupid skeptical.... same here in Amway... if you want to be successful, if you wish to make millions you need to work really really really really hard... and if sm1 have told you that you will be successful very easily he had lied to you.... you know some crap people exist in every where... you know it exactly... you are a worker in infosys... then there must be some disohnest people too.... These types of people think that they could make easy money in Amway by cheating people... by telling lie... but as you must konw( if you have a common sense)... great success always required hard work, sacrifises ohnesty .. etc... So if you want to make money in Amway... if any body wants to make money in Amway he/she needs to work hard... but as you know 90% people dont work hard... they want quick success which is not possible... so they are just product user and they just consume it... only 10% people work really very hard with patient and sacrifises thats why they win and make millions.. (theory of survival of the fittest by Charls Darvin... i can bet.. he is more smarter than you.. every body tries but few finally madde it till last, but the question is are you in 90% loosers or in 10% winners... that you, God and I well know :) ) and by the way Amway products are concentrated thats why they are cost effective... the dish drop prod which you talked about , you can consume it for around 4-5 months... means one months cost 150... and btw they are bio de gredable products... i use it i can say proudly that i am saving my home earth by using this product nd you... lets see... 26 types of diff. kind of skin cancer happen because of using cheap quality and price ditergent.. and for the global warming 60% people are responsible who use cheap quality prod. means you are also responsible for that... and by the way.. you are using Colgate from your chilhood... go check in internet colgate is banned in U.S, SPAIN EUROPE... etc.. coz it has poisonous... ( that means from childhood you are killing yourself... and i can bet too... that the info you have given about the products is by listening from people not by using it(again a lie.... you should check the Amway products demo in youtube or in websitehow safe they are and how they are affordable and effective to anybody… either he is rich or poor or middle class, coz Amway prod. Are not cheap they are effective and economic ).... look Shrikanthn what you are doing, you are the own who is throughing axe on your own leg... coz the products you are using... you are killing yourself.... and if you think i am telling you or any body viewing ur blog to convince you all to join Amway... forget it.. i dont care.... what you people think or do... coz Amway has already crossed 2500+ crores ... turnover in 2013... without you... :) ... okkk and if you have got anything what i have told... text me on +917686827413... dont call me... coz i be busy in my studis and with my Amway business... if i get any responce on my number from you then i will think to reply you... if i get any spare time.... abt me... I am Satyam Choudhary... 20 yrs old... lives in west bengal doing this Amway business very successfully :)

  65. wonderful article...excellently analyzed...My uncle, who was and still is an amway distributor has wasted his life,energy in this business...or so called business...
    this article will serve him well and will atleast enlighten about his holier-than-thou amway...!!

    1. Lol... let's be real, your uncle isn't succeeding in life, why do you think he would succeed in a business?! It's not Amway, it's him bro. But it's ok, you are related so I don't expect anything less to come from a fellow unambitious person. Go do your 50 or less hours a week and go expect a great life... lol. 95% of people don't do anything to make income outside of their job. It doesn't matter if it's Amway, go do SOMETHING for you and your family to make additional income so when emergencies happen you can do something about them. Go work at least 60 hours a week and then let's talk.

    2. It's funny how often Amway people will come and say that "lack of preparation was the fault", that "lack of proper skills" is the reason for failing, etc, and then suddenly offer all of this "matarial available to BUY" for "acquiring the necessary skills". Your uncle though he was an IBO, when he was really a customer and final consumer of Amways real products! And I'm getting sick of this false dichotomy that is obviously a result of Amways brainwashing script replies, where anyone who claims having direct experience with Amway with negative outcome, is systematically labelled as a loser. Well, then perhaps we all are losers. The mission of any company should be that 100% of its customers and final consumers are satisfy. In Amways scenario, where 99% of IBOs are unsatify, and where IBOs are in reality customers, means that 99% customers are frustrated and unsatisfied. So yes, 99% of people are losers, but a company that has 99% of customer disatisfactions, should not be allow to even sell lemonade in a boyscout gathering!

  66. I was in the Amway Business 10 years and lost huge money. In Amway FEW PEOPLES ARE MAKING MORE MONEY and MORE PEOPLES ARE LOOSING MONEY. Government of India has to take initiatives to through this company out of INDIA. If this company continues in INDIA, many peoples will lost their life. Amway is doing scientific cheat through 120 crores population of INDIA. Like Kerala & Andhra Pradesh governments, other states also take initiatives to start investigation against Amway. Amway Product is Good but fixing the price for this product selling to the consumer module is totally cheating. If anybody try to convince you to join in Amway, please do not join. Beware of Amway.

    1. LOL are you a business owner with experience in business? Nope, not from your idiotic comments. Dude you have an opinion. AND LOL YOU WERE INVOLVED FOR TEN YEARS???!?!? LOL YOU CLEARLY ARE AN IDIOT. I seriously promise ANYONE if you put in true effort to ANYTHING for ten years you will succeed. I feel this gentleman tried to fail or something, holy crap dude. ten years???!??! Dude... did you put a 20 week into your business EVER?!?!

  67. Hey good analyzes on "DIRECT SELLING". No doubt Amway quality is good but the price is really high than the quality

    1. Are you a consumer science professional? Didn't think so. Do you know the prices and quality of an average Amway product, nope, not if you are saying what you just said. You have an opinion, that's fine. But preface your comment with "in my opinion"

  68. Hi Folks
    i joined AMWAY on 080414. I must do hard work, product selling is difficult due to the prices being high. Need to obtain a perfect strategy to do the business and make some real good money that's it. i hope i can do some good business.

  69. Thank you for sharing the information about, probably, the biggest scam in the World. They should be arrested like this only. Cheating people with their money is very bad and government and law should take strict actions against them.

    Ramiz Jilani

    1. Lol did Amway take your money? Awww, poor baby. Why didn't you just REFUND IT? Let me guess, cause you are a wimp in life and didn't know you could refund it... Go read a book dude.

    2. amway trolls are all here bearing down on their critics! more people spread the word, their days are numbered!

  70. I last year met a guy (ELC), who was (so called) prospecting me for this business in Pune, though I am adamant enough of not joining this crappy world of amway he wanted to utilize my network for his growth. This sounds really absurd, I have a huge network of people and thus he claimed that with this network you will become very successful in coming 3-5 years. He knows I do not show interest in his policies so he advises me to listen to the N21 CDs & certain personality related books, though they sound helpful in a way, however the prime conclusion I come upto after hearing these cds is they try to inculcate: you have to live for yourself, think about yourself first then family- thus making trained people for looting and creating fraud. They create individuals with a strong selfish intentions. If that is required to be successful The TaTa's would have done nothing for India & would have selfishly had their gain. I have used many products of amway, from skin lightening to CTM, to Satnique, no promising results infact to counteract the effect I had to spend months for my skin to recuperate to the original feel.
    I am a Biotechnologist by education, having a lil broader knowledge about biochemical products.
    I admit, Nutrilite protein is indeed the best however one cannot deny that British Pharma are the pioneers in making Protein powders. one request to all abo's stop claiming your products to be superior, we are not blind & uneducated of not comparing you the content, quality and cost . also kindly do not flaunt your so called hyped lavish lifestyle (fake), if the tata's, birla's, adani's, ambani's start doing that they would lose the respect & appreciation we have for them. Lastly, the huge big shots of India are involved in building our Nation & not looting & causing fraudulent like you guys do.
    Thank you Shrikant, much appreciated your work. I can utilise my money in letting my nation grow so that all of us grow unlike few aBO'S who are relentlessly working for their self centered ambitions.

    1. methinks the protien mix is just bull anyways. what's so fancy about mixing stuff ? eating natural is the best - for thousands of years people lived just fine without fancypants scamsters like amways and...the magic potion of nutrilite!

  71. Anyone who is writing against the blogger is a part of Amway crap!!!
    And it's not how intellegent these Amway puppets are but how stupid and ignorant the victims are who in turn become Amway puppets.

    Now someone will write against me as how dumb and ignorant I am and blah blah blah but that is only because that person already has been a victim and since he/she cannot get out of this shit and speak against the corporation mine as well speak in favour of it. lol

  72. Rofl. I searched on google to find the most negative articles. I love reading these for some reason... so many scams... LOL. Idiots. It's called an opportunity, if you do the work, you will have the results. I am in business and I can say only 5% or less are actually willing to do the work. The rest of the people that quit complain. Quit complaining, look in the mirror and realize you just don't have a work ethic and you KNOW it.If you aren't building the Amway business a minimum of 20 hours per week DO NOT expect results morons. I like that I am anonymous so I can insult the idiots. I bet anyone complaining did not put in a MINIMUM of 20 hours per week for 1 year. It's a business... I really hope you put in at least a year of minimal part-time work.

    Here is the number one thing that proves all these articles are hilarious and written by complete morons who I guarantee make less than $150,000 per year.

    TOOL SCAM: We pay money for books, CDs, and conferences to learn how to build our business. WHY IS IT OK TO PAY FOR TEXTBOOKS AT COLLEGE THAT I DIDN'T NEED TO READ TO GET AN A AT A PRESTIGIOUS INSTITUTION BUT I CAN'T PAY TO LISTEN TO A SELF MADE MULTIMILLIONAIRE? lol... how about the $400 training events I go to for insurance. I go to about 1 every 2 months for updated ACA regulations. It is called the cost to learn something from someone with more knowledge. In Amway, should I try building it myself? LOL, idiots.

  73. I bet anyone who is negative of Amway has never owned and operated their own company before. I have. I put in a minimum of 80 hours slaving a way to build a company from scratch. 80 hours was a good week actually. Yet these broke 40 hours a week people think they know about business. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU KNOW? Seriously.... why. I don't know about basketball but I can promise you I can say a bunch of crap about the sport. Is it credible or even worth reading about? NO, because it's an unsuccessful person in basketball writing about it. If you have no business background, why do you think you know about the aspects of how a business is run? Why do you think every year there are 20 or more new diamonds who make about $250,000 a year. Probably because so many people are being scammed huh? Only the people at the top make the money... yet I just said every year there are dozens more who "make it to the top." Yup, nobody makes I work with young 20 year olds who are making an extra 60K to 90K on the side of their jobs. That's just badass as the people who are negative will never be able to touch the lifestyle of someone willing to do something outside of their 9 to 5. It doesn't matter if it's Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, Xango, or the hundreds other. They all work... if they didn't wouldn't they have become bankrupt?- of course someone will say NO, blah blah. IF you understood business or people at all you would realize if these business weren't growing, they would all fail.

    1. I bet you never slept, but slaved away endlessly to build your fancy business. 80 hours, lol. amway droids can be amusing!

  74. Btw, if you make less than $100,000 and you are posting online against Amway, please stop and go succeed better in your job because anything under $100K just proves you have no ambition, period-unless are under 30. I am on a conference call right now that my execs are holding, sooooo that's why I decided to post. Happy reading!

    If you are an IBO, the only way you will succeed is working this 20 hours a week yo. Do it for one year and you will be blown away at the momentum you have built.

    For the negative people... let me go work sales at a company, become a manager, teach sales to the newbies, and make commission off of them because I taught them how to sell. Damn... must be a scam lol. Why can I make money off of others if they build business revenue for my company? Just sounds unfair... lol.

  75. My personal opinion is that Amway falls more on the allegality than illegality. But its immorality is unquestionable, where its IBOs/distributors are its real customers, but will pitch potential IBOs a different tale.

    Its common sense than any distributor of Amway will NEVER talk against it for some simple reasons. At one hand, who likes to admit that he has been target of a scam due to lack of judgement? But most obviously, once you are inside the "scam", the only way to actually recover your investment is to actually participate in its expansion by bringing in more "suckers". In Amways universe, the only way a "prey" has got to survive is by becoming a "predator". Its a perfect self-enforcing mechanism.

    I also understand that this company relies on image, therefore it will turn all of its efforts to fightback blog after blog, voice after voice. Other companies spend millions convincing people their product is the best, Amway has to focus on convincing people their MLM business model is effective and legal, cause that's their real product!

  76. awesome blog. this is perfectly summarized! I hope people realize the truth and stay clear of world's number one scam company!

  77. Well said Shrikanth - It is a legitimate scam - much like Friction is a necessary evil . Helps in democratization of wealth and relationship monetization .


    Samir Mishra +919711572735 ,

  78. Great site! Here's a link to a report about a known employment scam. Hope you enjoy.

  79. Admit I have only read some of the posts, but I am an Amway fan. Am not into building a business - and there really is a lot of pressure to do this, but I love their products. Dish drops, LOC and SA8 are fantastic and their skin care range is brilliant. I bit expensive but compares totally with man other brands, particularly the cleaning products when diluted. Give them a try before becoming a hatter!!!

  80. My post is above. Forget to mention that I have been using Amway products for over 20 years!!!

  81. Hi Friends. Want to inform every body about a big scam by two ladies Ruchika Bhardwaj and Amita Mulay / Amita Gupta from company name Workoid . They are big frauds and cheating general public by offering them freelance jobs. They tie-up with companies in India presenting them that they are a big company and they will full fill the companies requirements and candidates. Then they approach general people that they will give commission of 25% of profit on the work done. Once the work is been done they say we can't continue with you so that they don't have to pay their associate. The whole company is running by no employee as they encash work from general public without paying. The best cheat of Millennium is Ruchika Bhardwaj. They have a bogus website

    I hope no body gets in contact with these fraud girls.
    Before they were wiz careers consultants now changed to workoid.

  82. To the above poster,

    Procter and Gamble make most of Amways washing up liquid, dish washer tablets, window cleaner, soaps and conditioners.

    Amway then rebrands them as thier own.
    Amway has no manufacturing plants.

  83. Thanks for sharing this post! I have been researching a lot about Amway and Dexter Yager who is part of Amway. So far I am not interested in Amway even though dexter yager has had a lot of success according to some information I stumbled upon online I still don't know if I should join or not.

    This article has some good points though, I'll consider it!

  84. Thanks for sharing this post! I have been researching a lot about Amway and Dexter Yager who is part of Amway. So far I am not interested in Amway even though dexter yager has had a lot of success according to some information I stumbled upon online I still don't know if I should join or not.

    This article has some good points though, I'll consider it!

    1. Try for more information

  85. this is really nice post thanks for sharing it we also offer merchant chargeback protection system in all over the glob.

  86. Please Try to Understand Direct Selling Model.

    Every Company Distributes money to Middle Men.

    Manufacturing cost of every product is almost 30 to 40% only.
    Rest of the money knowingly or unknowingly goes to middle men only.

    Than whats wrong if they money goes to the upline Distributor??

    In Direct Selling Company saves on
    Advertising Cost,
    Distribution Cost,
    Salaries of Worldwide Salesman,
    Training Cost,
    Many Other Cost.

    Which they are Distributing to the Distributors.

    So Simple.

  87. This makes me laugh. Amway is seen as a scam because people have tried and failed at it. It's a business model that works around duplication, no different than a Starbucks or other franchise. The difference is that we duplicate people who own their own business, so they have a vested interest in selling their product or duplicating themselves.
    I personally know several people who have started an industrial brick and mortar style business and failed, now in debt hundreds of thousands. and you think because some people sign up to become a business owner with Amway for 50 dollars a year are being scammed? Who are the brainwashed ones in reality? The ones who buy fron their own business rather than a superstore or Wal Mart? Or the ones who believe that because it's not something that the vast majority do that it must be a scam? You are brainwashed by society. Yes a small amount of people succeed. No different than a small amount of people who succeed in traditional business and make it big. Why? Because both require hard work and require you to treat it like a business you are invested in. Some say that those with Amway have no life, that they put it first. Need I remind you that Bill Gates didn't take a day off and worked 16+ hour days for 5 straight years, even when people assumed he would fail? Don't believe me? Go read his bio. I could go on but I have learned that those who are okay with mediocrity will always be ignorant to truth and fact so that they never have to face the reality that they just dont want to put in the work necessary to succeed. I have nothing but respect for traditional business owners because it takes the same amount of work to become successful as it does with Amway. Any entrepreneurs will tell you that you have good and bad days. Ups and downs. The ones who can't handle the bad days quit and complain and say it doesn't work. The ones who push through become successful.

    Oh yeah, I wanted to add that I am impressed that this blog was able to figure out this "scam" when the lawyers of:
    Apple Computers (god forbid if you have an iPhone you now support Amways cause!)
    Home Depot
    TD Canada Trust (yep a bank)
    Foot Locker
    Bass Pro Shops
    And about150 more businesses lawyers were unable to find these illegal parameters you speak of. You should consider selling your services to one of them considering they all partnered with Amway and now have their name linked in association to it. They probably want to know what you found that all those lawyers who they pay millions to couldn't find!

    Drop Mic.

  88. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  89. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  90. Back in the 80's we successfully launched an illegal drug distribution market under the guise of The Amway Project. The idea of mass coverage by actively consuming the commodities traded was both hedonistic and wanton for the endless supplies afforded. As expected, the higher elites at the top were quickly burning out, to be replaced by the next level in the horde. Heavy investment was funneled into recovery centers to further capitalize on the rotting, monied occupation and the cycle continues to this day...

  91. Taking to the internet to persuade others and make untrue and illegal statements about companies and people is a common issue now being addressed by the Government and Police as we all move to shut down these illegitimate and illegal Cyber Attacks. For More Details Visit: -

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  93. conway buys its stuff from local production facilities in india and their shampoo, for example, is bought nothing more than rs 40 a bottle and the producer would not be loosing selling it at that price...and the same shampoo is priced at 350... ibofightback was reffering to the better price conway offers

  94. Friends.. To be frank, there is no shortcut in this world to earn easy money. Suppose there was a possible way to earn millions from Amway, just think why would the company pay someone millions; rather it would prefer choosing the regular marketing strategy to sell their products, and keep all those millions for themselves instead of paying royalty income to anyone, but Amway's reputation is so bad that no one buys their products regularly. Thus, they have to stick to such fake ideas to sell products and earn money..

  95. Yes Above is absolutly correct. Please do not loose your hard earned money in to this.

  96. Yes Above is absolutly correct. Please do not loose your hard earned money in to this.

  97. Everything is a scam. All sellers makes profit from us. Did you check the quality of any item? How did you check it?

  98. Sincere advise to both Anti and pro Amway People. Those who are anti, stop hating amway- start loving something in your life. You will have much better life. Pro Amway: focus on your business (or what ever that you do in Amway). There are bound to be people who will curse everything in the vicinity. You are better off not arguing with them.

    I also see a lot of personal attack. I believe we are mature individuals and are born in free society that gives us right to practice any business we want. So lets have a healthy discussion and pass on the right information.

    As I write this, there are many IBOs who are quitting, there are many who are becoming successful and there are many who joined but aren't doing anything about it and cursing amway that it doesn't work.

    I hope I am able to give a perspective to this discussion.

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  101. why buy to get profit? simple, its scam. bullshit

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